A stir-up, a scolding.




University student, especially from southern universities


Tea biscuit - Canada, USA


An "instant" lottery ticket.


High energy snack food of mixed up chocolate pieces, sultanas and nuts valued by trampers

scrotum head

A derogatory term, for someone obnoxious (male), a 'pain in the arse'.

scrub country

Large area of country covered in shrub, eg manuka


Drink beer rapidly


A nasty or morally objectionable person. "scunge-bucket" = a term of abuse.

scungey, scungie, skungy

Something or someone filthy, greasy, smelly, nasty, sordid.


Land for house, bus fare zone

Shaky Isles, Shakies A (usually) derogatory term used by Aussies for NZ, based on Australian belief that we have eathquakes almost all the time. Actually, Australia has more than NZ, but they're usually out in remote areas.

she, she'll, she's

In some phrases, used as a replacement of "it's", without actually referring to the female gender. For example, referring to a fog, "Oh, she's a bit thick."

sheep shagger

A jocular, semi-derogatory term used by New Zealanders when referring to Australians.

sheep's back, to live off of the

Alluding to prosperity from wool growing.

shift, to

To move house

shift along, to

To move speedily

shit from clay, to not know

To be very stupid, ignorant.

shit uphill, to push

To work hard at an apparently pointless or worthless enterprise or argument


A fit of bad temper or ill-humour, emotional duress. Also "shit-street".


Cheap, less-than-perfect goods.


Dishonest, shady (esp. in business dealing); shaky, unsafe (of structures, physical things).

shoot through

To leave quickly, to disappear.


To treat, to stand a round of drinks.

shrewdie, shrewdy

A shrewd or cunning person.


As in "Take a shifti at this, mate" or "Have a look at this."


Day taken off work often without a good medical reason; 'throw a sickie', sick leave.


Someone believed to be mentally ill.

silly as a chook

This, and other phrases using 'silly', emphasising 'very silly' or 'silly drunk'.

silly on An erection (definition contributed by MG 9/4/2004).

since Adam was a cowboy

Emphasising that the event under discussion hasn't happened for a long time, "in donkey's years".

skate, to go for a

To fail, to be brought up before court.


Short of money

skite, to

Boast, to show off. One who 'skites'.


To avoid something, especially an unpleasant task or work.


Worthless, undependable, as in a person.

slather, open

A situation where there is no hindrance to action.

sling the dirt at, to

To slander

sling off at, to

To mock, jeer, to throw off at.

slog one's guts out

To work very hard, to slave or toil


Selling alcoholic liquor illegally


Sausages and other prepared delicatessen meats

smart-fart A person thought too clever for his or her own good.
smell of an oily rag, live               (or run) on the To live frugally, on next to nothing
smoko Coffee break (going out of fashion because of opposition to cigarette smoking)
snarky Mixture of sarcastic and nasty
snarler Sausage 


Kindly description of someone who is being silly or behaving like a softy or scaredy cat. As in: you're being a sook', just a bog sook," etc. More often than not the phrase is a term of endearment.



sparrow fart

Very early in the morning


Someone behaving as if disabled

spit the dummy

Throw a tantrum, or get mad

spotcha (later)

See you later 

spot on

Exactly right


A child, to give birth

square off, to

To settle a difference, to apologise


Someone occupying land to which they are not entitled to reside on and/or own.


"Have a squiz" = take a look at something. "Giz a squiz" = ask for a look at something.


Staffordshire bull-terrier.

starter, to be a

To be willing to take part in, to be ready or prefer a course of action.

station Large stock farm


Of unquestioning loyalty, especially in a tough situation. To staunch up = to beat up


Shirt form of Steinlager, usually referring to a bottle or can of that beer.

stick up, to To build or hastily (and roughly) erect something.


Nosey, prying person

stiff bikkies Tough or hard luck.


Familiar name for an erection.


Trouble-maker, agitator. Also "shit stirrer".




To block, filibuster, obstruct (as in parliamentary business)

story, the Correct information, the truth, 'very good'.

stoush, stouch, to deal out the

To act violently towards a person, group etc.

straight, to come up the

To approach a goal.

strapped for cash Short of money

strength of, to get the

The meaning, significance, the gist.


Honestly, from "God's truth"


Bad tempered


Small bottle of beer

stuff, not give a Not care about someone/someone at all.


Really tired. Synonym for fucked.

stunned mullet

Complete amazement or stupefaction.

stupid as a two bob watch

Used to describe a person who behaves irrationally

subbie, subber


suck the kumara

To die, or otherwise cease

sun shines out of someone's arse,  to think the To think the world of a person, person can do no wrong in eyes of the speaker or subject.
Sunday driver Driving really, really slow
sunnies Sunglasses
suss To figure out
Swandri Heavy woollen bush shirt resembling peasant's smock, swannie
sweet, she'll be/ she's Good, fine job, easy.
swept up Fashionable, superior, 'high-class'
swiftie, to pull a A trick, deception.