The Art of Painted Wolf

My longest-lasting co-runner across the fields of forever, Painted Wolf, has a gift. That gift is the life and vibrancy she brings to her art. I've admired her skills with pen, ink and graphite for as long as I've known her.

Here's a bit of it.

Note from Painted (when she found out about this): "I have improved since then. Like, way improved. If you don't like it, well tough, 'cause th' nice horsie in the first picture will come and eat you alive, starting with your head."

Ah, my deranged, beloved friend ... 

The pictures will take a bit of time to load. Please do give them that time. Sit back a bit an' count galaxies and star glitters while you're waitin'.

From the frontispiece

to Thrum, mid 1997.

"Jih-Pen ... The Source of the Sun"

featuring Hirakore.

from By Reason of Darkness, 1998

Unknown figure (sadly, taken from a fading fax sheet.)

"Possible a Nagra Warrior," says Painted.

From c.1995.

Jicho-Ree, from By Reason of Darkness, 1998


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