Revelin & the Dark Dragon: part 1

Perhaps, of all the characters, Revelin is the ultimate tortured soul. Within him, due to the combination of Shiato Wolf and Sefillan Dragon lines, he already had two distinct spirit forces within him. And then Fate laughed cruelly one day, and placed Nakira-Rahl, the Dark Dragon, within his existences.

The events of his first lifetime, far in the future and in a different Universe, had rendered his wolf-soul a mute, a berserker soul that, in the midst of battle, obeys only Revelin's word. His natural dragon soul, a shimmering irridescent form, is imposing enough. Both can cleave to a total together of seven parts, making Revelin at once formidable and yet also vulnerable in war.

But it is Nakira-Rahl, the Darkness within him, that keeps him alive, yet plots, always, to escape the soul-lock Revelin had his half-brother Torgen help him engineer. If ever the Dark Dragon found a way to break free again, then the Universe of now, like the Universe of will-be, would end in the cold flames of nothingness, of total destruction.

Nakira-Rahl is a Dreamwalker, one of the Ancient Ones, the Kriskarg, who were involved with the very beginnings of Caarnu Canara and the rise of the Usera race.

"Those who walk among the fields of the dreaming need no dimensions, no words of power, to be wherever they wanted to be, at any point of the flow of time. And through this to either dream the lives of others, or to alter the river's very path forever." -- The saga of the Sakema Wars.

The Storth Lord Seko of the thaumaturges, during the Sakema Wars of Universe 2, had one Dar-Rebaarl infuse a sliver of the remains of one of the Cold Stones which were all that remained of the Kriskarg into one called Roabith, creating a Dragonslayer to quell the rebellion of the Sefillan Dragons against the Storth. Seko though had visions that the Dragonslayer would ultimately kill him, so he ordered Dar-Rebaarl to destroy the Dragonslayer. Rebaarl in turn called up his enforcer, Securio.

"After a great battle, 'during which the stars bled darkness, and all that is light shuddered with pain,' according to old scribes, Securio decanted Nakira-Rahl from a shattered Roabith, and presented both to his master.

"It is very likely that the remains of Roabith were destroyed by Dar-Rebaarl. But the recent reappearance of the life spark points to an intriguing possibility -- that during the last duress of battle with Securio, Nakira-Rahl dreamed a series of futures for both Roabith and himself -- and into each, finally, both escaped. Nakira-Rahl, as the Dark Dragon, dreamed himself as part of the dragon soul of ... Revelin." -- The saga of the Sakema Wars.

Revelin, the only son of Jarno Velsicar of the Barakh-tha line of the Shiato wolf lords, and Rellana, the Dragon Seer, was raised by Saion'tha when his parents died. On the Uneratan plateau, he crashed into the monolith that imprisoned Jalnara. the Redeemer of Redeemers, freeing her. They fell in love. Under the guidance of Sharnahoak, the Redeemer of Souls, Revelin was trained to take over from her as Redeemer of Souls, but instead became the Redeemer of the Future (probably due to the influence of Nakira-Rahl's energies within.)

During a war with the insane Sefillan Lord Tazzafek, Canara was laid waste, much of the Shiato den in which Revelin grew up destroyed, and Jalnara, seemingly, killed. Revelin sought solace with the witch Rishra, became her lover, and was unaware that she was experimenting on him, to decant the dragon soul (which she regarded as vermin)  from that of the wolf. One morning, he awoke, looked in the mirror, and saw the Dark Dragon for the first time. This was what he had become.

This spelled the end for that universe.

The War. Blur of images, of impressions. These Revelin remembered, right up to the final reckoning with Tazzafek. Victory.

Domain without Jalnara, without her love. And Saion'tha -- a friend now openly full of fear.

Securio? Stars ... stars ... before his battle friend vanished ... the Dark Dragon tried to destroy Securio ... Securio's jaroa soul almost rebelled, and became one with Revelin's curse ...

And war's end. The fight within himself continuing. Death to those around him. Dragons, dead between the stars. The rocks of Muharram ripped out. Saion'tha to die, catch the ice-wolf, destroy him because he tried to warn Revelin's wolf-soul ...

Saion'tha gone ...

The rage of the Dark Dragon starts to rip everything apart, looking for the ice-wolf. Killing ... killing ... killing ...

Darkness ... darkness ... to the end of time itself ... (recollections of Revelin, as Saion'tha tried to convince him to destroy himself, from Thrum).

Revelin survived the cataclysm. No one knows exactly how, but of course Nakira-Rahl would not like to see his own essence terminated. Back in time, Revelin found that Jalnara was alive, that Saion'tha was an enemy, and that he was part of a den-clan once more.

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