Avondale 2003

Photos taken August 14.


Great North Road, facing south. To the left are trees in front of Avondale Primary, then the end of Crayford Street.


Further on down the road, looking toward the Town Centre (right).


"Dale" the Avondale Spider, Town Centre.


Avondale still backs onto the Racecourse. The 1600 metre straight is visible behind the old pine and playground. The awning on the stage was completed just that week.

No one's sure why it says "GIVE" in red paving stones.



A slightly closer view of the racecourse straight.


The centre building was Avondale's police station (from 1906), up until recently. To the left, Allely's building, from 1911.


Page's Building, a century old (opened August 1903).


Avondale's Roundabout. This is the Five-Roads intersection (Great North, St Judes, St Georges, Great North again, and Wingate Street). The lamp in the centre is a replica of the original from the early 20th century. Prominent buildings here are the Hollywood cinema (1915) and Public Hall (1867). In behind the lamp is St Ninians hall (1860).