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A home for:

"New Zild"

a compilation of New Zealand slang words and terms

(last updated 13 April 2004)


Voices from the Heart of the Dreaming

a collection of poetry from out of the dark.



I'm proud to be able also to have a part of my friend Lee's work here.

His poem: Lonely


Scenes from the Edge of Forever

Aw, go on. Shoo! You don't want to see this stuff! It's just a couple of dreamers getting together and making up characters, writing stuff, all that kind of thing. Not interesting at all.

The Art of Painted Wolf

The pen and ink artwork of my co-conspirator in the warp.

Other bits and pieces:   

Postcards from Abroad


Avondale photos


(Wolf and sunset photos on this page from Free Stock Photos and navigation buttons courtesy of World of the Wolf)


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