Scenes from the Edge of Forever

The two of us responsible for breathing life into the Multiverse Stories in November 1979, and who gave it a zap-start again in 1992 because we both needed somewhere to play, present these snippets, some of our favourite scenes written, from those stories.

The milieu, let me warn you, is strange. Not for strangeness' sake, but because we have been immersed (in the latest bout) for over ten years now. The Multiverse is like a sub-culture to us, an in-joke, a sharing of emotion and tragedy and celebration. There are references and cross-references which won't make any sense to the reader at all. Sorry about that.

Maybe one day, we'll clean it all up and dust it down, use better English, less weird colloquialisms and anachronisms, and just -- publish stuff. 

And maybe ... we won't.

Anyway. Here are some scenes from the Edge of Forever, from the place of redeemers and tyrants, of heroes and base fools, worlds colliding and some just spinning until they fall to rust.

Jepper's World

Morgan's Bar (first sequence)

Night View

The Uncle Harry Show

Taarg: The Caranada Ballroom and Taarg: SkyRises

Is Everybody Happy? (opening sequence).

Revelin & The Dark Dragon (two parts)


The Driven Soul

Vector Jones musing

Carpe Noctorum (A work in progress - incomplete. If it does get completed, it will be the first complete shortform of the stories published.)

Oh, and I've had permission to provide a link to a very early website of mine I first tinkered with in 2001, called Covenant of Shadows. Feel free to browse.