Atlantis Rising



Look, over there,

Isn't that Atlantis rising?

And, say, do you recognise those

Von Daniken beings from beyond;

Well, fancy that.



Oh, hey, Nostradamus was right after all.

I can sure hear that last trump blow.

There's spontaneous combustion,

Amongst the no smoking signs;

Won't the government hate that?



King Arthur's having a chat

With Robin Hood. Tactics, I'll bet.

And simply everyone has an aura.

Nessie just signed over all the film rights,

And everyone agrees to decree

The Bermuda Triangle's really a square.



The dinosaurs were nuked,

The ghosts are out on strike.

They've taxed reincarnation today.

The ferryman on the Styx laughs at pennies now;

He'll take only Ectoplasmic Express.



All right. We're sorry.

Come on  back, you sceptics,

All is forgiven!