Voices from the Heart of the Dreaming

The following poems are my own work, and were created at varying times between 1990 and 2002. They remain my intellectual property -- please, no reproductions without permission, thanks.

What was going on inside my head while I wrote these? Most of them come from pre-1995, which was when I lost my first job, had a depression and emotional breakdown, disagreed with blood relatives over minor things which seemed huge at the time, and generally considered the world a very cynical, heartless place. Mixed in with it, though, are echoes from some creative fantasy writing I do when reality's gates allow me access into the boundless forever. Such is the origin of Knights of the Rose, Miming the Blues, Reflection, The Empty Inside, Timesfields, and the second to newest one in this collection, Dance in Black.

I'm still dealing with stuff in 2003. Chill Eyes is the first written since Dance, and it's back to a maudlin, rail at the Fates mood. Oh, well.

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-- "Kasastra"

Advice to a Blinded Mind

Atlantis Rising

Dance In Black

Grief Tide

Grimace of the Clown

Knights of the Rose

Magna Civitas

Miming the Blues on Sacred Ground




The Empty Inside

The Samurai Returns


Totus Mundus Agit Histrionem


New stuff:

Chill Eyes

And Still You Ask