Chill eyes

Chill eyes ...

It is the finest dance, to step upon the bleeding soul,

And let not one drop stain your poise, the face, the beautiful face,

Cast up and toward the accolade of the stars.

Chill eyes warm up when required,

How do they do that? As spirit shatters like crystal,

As pain etches canyons which sing sadness as you breathe,

The eyes lie. 

The eyes conceal, and they lie the greatest lie.

Designer hell, this. The knowledge given,

That accursed blade shredding blissful ignorance,

It's all part of the Path they gave you. It's part of the Path.

Somehow, all this pain has a purpose. Somehow

It serves to heal the fabric of Fate. You have to believe that.

Else, there is nothing else except pain without point.

Tears flowing into the solace of night,

That lonely, solitary path, carved out in sweat and blood and

The chill of eyes seeing ... nothing.

(12 July 2003)